SoundBirth Online Course for Expectant Couples

Add the Power of Sound to Support You During Childbirth! | taught by Nicole Lloyd

Course description

  • Are you pregnant and but worried about how you will cope with the pain during labour?
  • Do you feel anxious about making "strange noises" in front of everyone during labour?
  • Are you afraid that you won't be able to BOND with your baby or cope with being a Mother?

If you answered YES to one or all of the above ... SoundBirth is for you!

This course is for expectant couples who want to create a powerful, connected and beautiful birth experience for themselves and for their baby.

You will learn everything you need to know to use your voice along with a crystal singing bowl to RIDE those birthy waves rather than drown in them! You will also learn how to bond with your baby using sound even BEFORE the birth.


1. The SoundBirth Story - how it all began and how you can do it too!

2. Conscious Conception - using the power of sound and intention as tools to conceive.

3. Bond with a Song! - learn how to create a song that will help you to bond with your baby starting from today!

4. Have a SoundBirth! - learn how to release your powerful voice and how your partner can use a beautiful crystal singing bowl to support you during labour.

5. The SoundBirth Post-Natal Plan - learn how you can use sound and music to bond with your baby, beat the "Baby Blues" and make your mothering experience a positive one!


You will have access to the entire course from the very beginning so you can go through the information and exercises as slowly or as fast as you like!

I have included videos and audios to help demonstrate how to do the exercises.

You can download and print off the PDFs or just read from your computer. Up to you!


  • Life-time access to the "SoundBirth for Expectant Couples" online course.
  • Facebook and email support 


“I needed Daniel to play the bowl during each contraction as it was giving me so much relief. It was the gentlest, calmest birth and I feel without the bowl the intensity of such a quick/intense labour I wouldn’t have felt the support and relief I needed and welcomed this time. Investing in a bowl from SoundBirth was by far one of the best choices I have made to have a great birth experience for myself and my husband.” Angela, Perth (homebirth)

“The birth was exceedingly beautiful and the bowl such a part of this, I would highly recommend it to every birthing woman.” Shar, Mother of 4, Perth (homebirth)

“It was so helpful, having the bowls there, I truly believe they helped me in opening up and relaxing like I’ve never relaxed before.” Sandra, Mother of 4, Texas (homebirth)

“The toning alone made every contraction almost enjoyable. I could see it coming, start toning tone through its peak and feel it gently fade as my voice did to. With the toning I owned every contraction and felt its ‘strength’. With the gas I lost all control and the contractions felt like waves of drowsy PAIN that where happening to me rather than with me. I can honestly say I didn’t feel any pain with my contractions while I was toning. I was just carrying myself along with the contraction rather than fighting against it.” Taryn, Mother of 2, Perth (hospital birth)

“My midwife said, “If a contraction had a sound it would be the sound of the crystal singing bowl.” Taryn

“Using the crystal bowl and toning taught to me by Nicole Lloyd I was able to “get in the zone” to focus and visualise full dilation, in spite of the pressure and hospital sounds that were going on around me.” Tanya, Perth (hospital birth)

“It was the crystal singing bowl that gave me the strength, courage and capacities through those difficult hours.” Natalia, Perth (hospital birth)


Do you come to my birth to play the bowl?

No ... sorry ... not me ... I have too many kids! And late nights don't suit me at all! Instead YOUR PARTNER has the opportunity to support you by playing the bowl for you during each contraction! He might cringe at first (it is a bowl after all) but wait until he has a play! His face will light up and will LOVE the idea of playing this and having an important role to play. This is why this course is for expectant COUPLES. He will need to learn how to play the bowl safely and effectively... He'll love it!

What if my partner doesn't want to play the bowl?

Who else will be at your birth? Your Mother? Sister? Best friend? Doula? Would you consider having someone else there to play your bowl? There are some doulas who have completed the SoundBirth training and already own a bowl so you could hire one of these doulas? CONTACT ME to book your SoundBirth Doula.

Do I have to buy a crystal singing bowl?

SoundBirth is all about using your voice together with a crystal singing bowl because I have found that for me (and now many other women) this was the most profound way to experience a SoundBirth. Owning your own bowl also means you will have it as a momento of your child's birth forever ... and I'm sure you will use it again for yourself in different ways (relaxation), or for more SoundBirths or when supporting your kids during labour one day! 


BUT if you can't afford a bowl or you just want to use your voice along with the MP3s provided in the online course you will also gain many of the benefits listed above.

Can I hire a bowl?

Nope. Sorry! Too complicated for me right now!

I'm not great with online courses ... do you facilitate workshops too?

Yes I do offer workshops AND private sessions with expectant couples and anyone else they have invited to the birth. This is a great way to get the support team together, teach them all how to play and look after a crystal singing bowl, practice some vocal toning and learn all about the benefits of SoundBirth so everyone is on the same page. CLICK HERE to find out more about workshops and private sessions if you live in Perth!


Just scroll down to the bottom of the page to get started!

Any more questions? Contact me!

Nicole Lloyd
Nicole Lloyd
Creator of SoundBirth

Hi there! 

I am a Mother of 4 who has always been passionate about home birth, natural birth, home education, attachment parenting, authentic living, music therapy and sound therapy!

I learnt how to play the piano from the age of 6 which then led to learning the double bass in high school.  I discovered there was such a thing as music therapy with I was 15 and from then on started reading about it, attended workshops and collected very cool instruments! 

I gained a Bachelor of Music degree on the double bass in 1996, played in the WA Symphony Orchestra for a year and then landed my first "real job" at a day respite centre for seniors as a music specialist when I was 21.  Here I learnt first hand about how music and sound can instantly transform ones experience of life.

A few years later I met my husband Steve and started creating children! 

All of my babies were born at home because I witnessed my Mother birth my sister at home when I was ten years old which left an imprint in me that said "babies can be born safely at home".  

During my first two labours I hardly made a sound with my voice because I felt anxious about sounding "weird" and being judged and not wanting people to worry about me ... all of the co-dependent reasons!

During my third labour however, my Mum started to play one of the crystal singing bowls during a contraction and instantly I felt safe, held and able to use my voice to release pain and eventually my baby!  I KNEW I had to share what I had experienced with other pregnant women so they too could have a "SoundBirth".

Since then I have been sharing with expectant couples and birth professionals how to integrate sound and music before, during and after the birth of their child.

I also enjoy sharing what I have learnt about sound with ANYONE who wants to integrate quality sound tools and activities into their personal and professional lives at my sound workshops and online course.

I also facilitate relaxing "Sound Journeys" using my crystal singing bowls, gongs and flutes at yoga centres, retreats and where ever else there is a group of people wanting such a beautiful and relaxing experience.

I homeschool my 4 children, practice yoga, eat chocolate, go for longs walks by myself when I can escape and continue to share SoundBirth with the world!