Nicole Lloyd

Sound Integration Course

Learn how to integrate the Power of Sound to nurture yourself and others in your personal and professional lives! Perfect for anyone who has purchased a crystal singing bowl and would like to know more about how to play, look after and use it!

Nicole Lloyd

SoundBirth Online Course for Expectant Couples

Learn how to add the Power of Sound to your birth! These simple yet transformational tools will support you, your partner and your baby leading to a positive pregnancy, birth and parenting experience!

Nicole Lloyd

SoundBirth Online Course for Birth Pros

Learn how to integrate the POWER of SOUND into your work to support women before, during and after the birth. For doulas, midwives, birth educators or anyone else who wants to support women to have positive and powerful birth experiences!


SoundBirth for Expectant Couples Ultimate Package!

Everything you need to prepare for your SoundBirth!


The Ultimate SoundBirth for Birth Pros Package

Everything you need to start using the SoundBirth tools in your birthy biz!

Nicole Lloyd

Buy A Soundbirth Bowl

Add quality sound to birth! This beautiful crystal singing bowl is the perfect pitch and size to assist women during labour to get into "the zone" and stay there... Learn all about it in the online course for expectant couples or for birth pros.